Who are we? We're a handful of people passionate about making fitness clothing affordable to all, helping those in our community, and reducing the environmental impact that the sport and fitness industry has on the planet. We all have an awareness that we need to recycle items and protect our environment, but it's often hard to know how to best do this.

There's a number of ways you can support us with this:

1. Donate any outgrown/unworn/unloved fitness clothing and shoes, regardless of condition, to us. We'll then do 1 of 3 things with it (depending on condition) - sell it to raise money for good causes, donate it to those in need, or we'll dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. We also accept race medals, and various accessories. Drop us a message if you're unsure whether we can accept something!

2. Next time you need some new stuff, check us out! So often, runners buy the latest pair of 'next-best-thing' shoes, only to find they don't suit them after very few miles. Or buy clothing, only to change shape way before the item is worn out. You might pick up a real bargain whilst also raising money for good causes! It's also perfect if you are on a journey where you are changing shape - both financially and environmentally it makes more sense to use us! Lastly, as we well know, kids shoot up overnight! Come get them kitted out until the next growth spurt!

3. If you know someone who would benefit from a donation of some of our items, drop us a message. We'll happily, totally anonymously, give them what they need to help them on their fitness journey. We're based in Scarborough, but we're happy to support any individuals or groups throughout the country.

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All monies raised from the sale of products, or from monetary donations will be distributed to a variety of charities. We would love our supporters to help choose these charities! If you have a good suggestion of a charity that you feel would benefit from our support, please get in touch!!
This month our chosen charities are:

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